Q 1) Why have coaching?

Coaching helps a person get from where they are to where they want to reach. It makes use of questions to understand a client's current model of the world, finding the right levers to bring about change and helping the client identify steps they can take to bring about those changes. 

We all know what we should be doing.....what stops us is where coaching comes in!

Q 2) In what kind of situations can coaching help?

Practically, any situation where a client wants to bring in change. Some typical examples of coaching are: working towards achieving a specific goal like promotion, improving personality traits like assertiveness, improving relationships, dealing with life changes like receiving a BIG diagnosis like cancer or rebuilding life after cancer, health and fitness, and overcoming stress and phobias. 

Q 3) Do I need to have a 'problem' to be coached?

No. Coaching is all about moving from where you are to where you want to be. Coaching is synonymous with transformation - be it for moving away from a place where you don't want to be (pain) or be it moving towards a place where you want to get to (pleasure). 

Q 4) What makes coaching work?

Coaching is based on the premise that the client has the answers, the coach has the questions. The mind that holds the problem, also holds the solution - often the best one! Because the solutions come from you, they are the best! Because they are your solutions, the probability that you will take action is higher as compared to you being told what to do. 

Q 5) Really? Do you think I can figure it out myself?

Yes, you can. Coaches honour the client as the expert in their life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole. You might be surprised how effectively you transform with a coaching intervention.

Don't just take my word for it. Have a look at the testimonials to see what my clients have to say about my work. 

Q 6) Can you assure me of the results or transformation?

As your coach, I will work with you and help you to arrive your own solutions. But the implementation of the learning and the identified actions will obviously be your responsibility. 

Q 7) I am struggling because of other people in my life. Can you please coach them so that my life improves?

Sorry, I can help you through coaching if you are willing to change yourself. Coaching is for those who are willing to acknowledge what they need to change to transform themselves. Sorry, but proxy-coaching does not happen.

Q 8) Do you work as a corporate coach also?

Yes, I work with individuals as well as corporate organisations. I have over 10 years of corporate experience in various people management roles which enables me to appreciate the corporate issues very well. My wealth of corporate experience combined with coaching skills make me an effective corporate coach. 

Q 9) Do I need to see you in person for the coaching sessions?

No, most of the coaching happens on Skype and phone. Face to face coaching is just one of the options. 

Q 10) Why public speaking?

My niche is public speaking coaching because as an experienced public speaker, I understand exactly the kind of challenges and fears that the thought of speaking in public bring forth. I know what it feels to have jitters throughout your body when you have to deliver a speech in front of hundreds of people. I understand because I have been there, despite my fears. I have worked as a public speaking trainer before. I also have the highest award from Toastmasters International, which is called the ‘Distinguished Toastmaster’. I deliver talks at various organisations which operate in the cancer space like the NHS, Macmillan Cancer Support and Paul’s Cancer Support Centre to build awareness about cancer, inspire people and to raise funds.

Whatever is preventing you from excelling at public speaking, I can help you overcome it.

Q 11) So, does it mean that you only coach people with public speaking issues? If I want to work on other things like work related goals, relationship goals or need life coaching in general, will you help me?

This is an interesting question! While we work towards a specific goal in coaching sessions, we actually coach the whole person. So, a person might be struggling to deliver presentations because they 'believe' that they are terrible at it. The reasons behind such beliefs can be deep seated and plenty. While we 'explore' and 'resolve' those underlying reasons, we work with the 'whole' person. Coaching does not cater to just the transactional behaviour, but essentially works at the deeper transformational level.