My name is Parul Banka. In my previous avatar, I was a Human Resources and Learning and development professional. I did a variety of HR roles in big to medium sized organizations – both in the commercial as well as not for profit organizations. During my various corporate roles, I derived the greatest satisfaction in helping people succeed – mainly through training and coaching.  

There came a time in my life and career (precisely - after I succeeded in beating the hell out of cancer!) when I wanted to concentrate on only doing the work that I was immensely passionate about. Life suddenly felt too short and uncertain to continue doing stuff that did not energize me 100%. And so, donning the hat of a coach seemed to the next meaningful step in this direction. With robust training from Barefoot Coaching and Master Coach certification from Coaching Standards Authority, I was all set to launch my own Coaching practice. 

So, why did I choose public speaking coaching? As an experienced public speaker, I understand exactly the kind of challenges and fears that the thought of speaking in public bring forth. I know what it feels to have jitters throughout your body when you have to do a speech before hundreds of people. I understand because I have been there, despite my fears. However, I believe that the mind that has the fear also has the courage to overcome times with little help. I believe that we have inner resources (read as: hope, rationale, big dreams and the ability to overcome our own personality traps) that we can tap into to work out solutions when we are faced with limitations and challenges. Now I do what I enjoy doing…….coaching people to enable them share their story! These stories have an impact because people craft them on their own. My new avatar provides a deeper meaning and greater fulfillment to me. 

Tom Bradley said, “The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.” If you believe in your story but do not quite know how to weave it, coaching may just be the solution to your conundrum. Or if you are feeling stuck and need help to get ‘un-stuck’ to pursue your goals, coaching is equally effective. Coaching is again the perfect solution if you are getting ready for your next challenge and need professional help in enabling that transformation! I vividly recall that I had coached myself enormously when I was rebuilding my life after cancer! Everything had changed completely and I used coaching to get unstuck from the past normal to accept the new normal in my life.

As a public speaking coach, I help people to confront their deepest fears and challenges and help them deliver their story. Remember that the world needs to hear you because your story is important. It’s got to be because it is about YOU!

So, tell me - what is your story? I am all ears. 

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