Don't just take my word....have a look at what other people say about my work:


It is an absolute delight to offer this feedback on the coaching sessions.

Parul personalises each session based on the here and now agenda of the coachee and actively listens and responds to the coachee. Parul also ensures that any home work from a previous session is followed through prior to the next session by e-mail. What I would like to highlight is that this follow up is through a set of exploratory and probing questions which would help the coachee think through the solutions and reflect on the previous session. I would like to say that I have held on to these questions and refer to these as these are exceptionally powerful and helpful questions.

Parul has a rich resource of helpful tools that would help the coachee think through systematically and come up with possible solutions. These tools also help the coachee to take an aerial view and reflect on the issues in hand.

I have left every session with exceptionally powerful messages and Parul does this very skilfully by holding on the mirror so that you can see this for yourself and it becomes your own message.

Parul guides the coachee through every session and helps the coachee find the answer on their own and this is done through exceptionally skilful questioning and encourages the coachee to start thinking about the quality of questions the coachee asks oneself and others. One of the greatest lessons for me from the sessions with Parul was for me to stop and think and ask myself quality questions.

There were various messages during the sessions and each one was powerful and far-reaching. However there were 2 key messages for me: 

1.    To break free from limiting beliefs and be welcoming of empowering beliefs

2.    To appreciate myself and have that kindness to oneself

As a coach Parul genuinely wishes to be part of your journey and success story.  Parul adapts the session based on the coachees needs and agenda and sensitively explores the issues through skilful techniques. Through quality questions Parul helps one find solutions and in the process conveys exceptionally powerful messages thereby raising the coachees self-awareness.

PS – I received coaching sessions on 11 Dec 2015, 14 March 2016 and 6 April 2016.

Dr K Valsraj, Consultant Psychiatrist and Associate Clinical Director (Croydon), Associate Medical Director – Revalidation, NHS, UK


Before I started the sessions with you, I wasn't quite sure what this coaching was about and how it was going to help me. But having had the three sessions, I realise how important it is to have a coach, in turning life's goals a reality. The sessions with you not only helped me take some immediate actions towards the long term business ambitions; but actually helped me understand a little bit more of the real me. Your non-judgemental approach made me feel totally comfortable in discussing personal matters. You asked questions that helped me think critically of myself and challenge some of my own ideas and beliefs and added a different perspective.

                                                                                     Ujjal Ghosal, Director, Rimava Limited, London UK


I met Parul when we were studying for our executive and personal coaching certificate. Through our practice coaching sessions and getting to know what makes Parul tick, I quickly realised that she is driven by a strong purpose to bring out the best in people, and help them achieve what they didn't believe possible. Parul is a fantastic coach - insightful, intelligent and honest, with just the right balance of support and challenge. If you need someone who understands the beliefs that hold you back and has all the skills to help you overcome them, then Parul will be right for you.

Pauline Hughes, Executive Coach and Strategic Communications Consultant, London UK


The sessions I did with you helped me in terms of understanding and experiencing the actual coaching. Just by observing your way of handling me and my queries I actually learnt few skills like paraphrasing, careful listening and most important the rapport that we built.. Lots of thought for me to think if I can take this way as my career. As a coachee I felt that warmth and comfort from you which made me instantly connect with you and open myself, it helped me to ponder on my inhibitions on not approaching people and your idea of keeping some generic statements ready helped me. :)
I would like to say a big thank you for taking your time for me.

Megha Gupta, Learning Specialist, Aditya Birla Group, India




Parul has successfully proven her Public Speaking skills at numerous occasions, forums, fund raising dinners etc. She also had the privilege of being the key speaker at the House of Lords, London at an event organised by a cancer support organisation. 
When Parul decided to mentor others, we requested her to coach two school going students for improving their Public speaking skills. This was further challenging as the sessions were to be conducted over internet using Skype. Based on the current skills levels of each person and the individual goals, Parul designed a customized curriculum for each person. She connected very well with the students on the personal basis and helped them in their learning process. We clearly saw the benefits of the program in the overall growth of kids’ personalities. We are very thankful for Parul’s contribution and would like to engage her again.

Dinesh Goel, Vice President and Global Engagement Executive, AIG, New York USA


I am a scientist by profession who needs to give lots of presentations as part of my job. I also take lectures on subjects like Molecular Biology and Immunology. But the truth is that I have always been afraid of public speaking. I was afraid of being judged by the people as non-performer or boring. It was not that I don't know my subject or my data but it was my apprehensions that have pulled me back from public speaking.

But after I took a course of public speaking i.e ‘STAR SPEAKING’ with Parul, I was able to cope with all my fears of speaking. Now, I sound very confident and am truly able to engage my students and audience during my lectures or presentation sessions. She has managed to keep the course journey very simple for the trainee but points out very minute details of speaking which we tend to overlook. I believe she has well crafted the course by putting together best of her training skills. I really enjoyed the course.

I would love to have some one-on-one sessions with her in future to polish my art of public speaking.


Dr. Puja Nagpal, Scientist, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, India



Dear Parul,

On behalf of everyone at Paul's Cancer Support Centre I wish to thank you for speaking at our fundraising Gala Dinner and for helping make the evening such a wonderful success. I was aware that you were an excellent orator however nothing had prepared me for the manner in which you captured the attention of the audience. Everyone was moved by your words which clearly contributed significantly to the amount donated on the night.

The evening's proceedings raised an amazing £ 50,000 for the charity which exceeded all our expectations.

Thank you! You have made a real difference in the lives of the community we serve.

John French, Chief Executive, Paul's Cancer Support Centre, London, UK


Parul attended our Macmillan Staff Induction on the 27th January 2016 to kindly share her experience with Cancer - and we were hanging on her every word. Her story was perfectly structured with Parul knowing exactly when to draw the audience in using her the tone/volume of her voice, she paused to build tension and conveyed a controlled passion in her voice that meant you not help but listen to her. Our delegates left the Induction thoroughly inspired and gave a huge round of applause with two even offering a standing ovation! Thank you Parul.

  Tom O'Brien, Learning & Organisation Development Adviser, Macmillan Cancer Support, London UK