Mmmm...Treats at Caramel Coaching...Seriously?


No, I am not referring to...

ice cream or chocolate here although that would be a delicious topic for discussion and consumption! Rather, I am talking about the special Treats at Caramel Coaching - the ones that sweeten your life with coaching solutions!

I believe that coaching has the power to bring in true and lasting transformation. And because coaching has such genie-like powers (which get activated only when people take action), isn't it fair that more and more people are able to access it? My experience tells that often lot of those people who feel ready to move forward in their lives are unable to avail of coaching either because of financial reasons or because they find it difficult to find time for coaching amidst their hectic schedules.

Through Treats at Caramel Coaching, I want to make coaching accessible to a large number of people at affordable prices. The only way this is possible is when I am able to coach several people at one time. Online courses seem to fit the bill perfectly. Online courses are more affordable because they do not consume the one-on-one time of the coach and the coachee and they are self-paced. Bingo! There we have solution to both the problems - the time as well as the money! Treat, isn't it?

Relish your treats at:

Please do write back and let me know how you get on. I would love to hear from you.